Farmville Tropic Escape Cheats for Android and IOS

Farmville Tropic Escapes Cheats

farmville tropic escape cheats

Well good evening fellow gamers. It’s finally here! A Brand new tile based game from the farmville game company Zynga! That’s right guys we are talking about the latest epic title known as Farmville: Tropic Escape. This is yet again Zynga’s attempt at bringing a free to play farm style game to your mobile device. If you’re familiar with Farmville then you will be all too familiar with the type of game play that is on offer. If not, get ready for the ride of your life. This game hits the nail on the head in so many ways. The best part is, it’s set in a tropical environment so what’s not to like. Due to the popularity of This game we have decided it’s time to share with you our very own Farmville tropic escape cheats for both Android and IOS devices.

If you happen to be one of the small few left on this plant that has not played farmville then this game, of corse will not be straight forward. The good news is that our Cheats for Farmville: Tropic Escape Should help you get to grips with the game. Our Farmville: Tropic Escape Tips, Cheats and strategies are freely available to the public and are here to help guide you in the right direction. If you follow our tips correctly you should have no problem achieving the most out of this game. We really do hope you enjoy our Framville Tropic Escape Cheats and rise in the ranks to become one of the greats in a matter of days!

If you have yet to play Farmville: Tropic Escape why not download it from either the android store or IOS store.


cheats for farmville tropic escape


Check Out Our Beginners Farmville Tropic Escape Cheats

Are you a pro at Farmville Tropic escape? Already got tons of resources and have leveled up quite far already. Well then chances are these beginners cheats are not for you! You might want to skip further down the page for some tips for advanced players. But, if you happen to be a complete noob to the game then these cheats for farmville tropic escape should be of sound advice to you. So enjoy.

Confusing, Overwhelming well let’s simplify

If you really have never played a Farmville game before then we can have some understanding of how overwhelming the game is. The is an abundance of activities you can do, at times it can be a little much. For you guys that are just starting out you should follow the terminology “less is more”. Just make things easier on yourself and focus on one job at a time. You should work in sections either plant your crops, tend to them or remove them. Then move onto all the other small tasks you can do like dealing with your guests. Just don’t take too much on at once because you can get swamped when playing Farmville Tropic escape and this can lead to poor yield of crops. Now go plant so pineapples and coconuts sit back and enjoy. Browse leisurely a your own pace till you get used to the game.

A Watched Kettle Never Boils, Get Busy

OK maybe the previous statement before is not 100% as it involved you chilling out and reaping the spoils. All though this is a great way to begin the game, in the long run you will not get far. You really are wanting to maximize your time whilst playing farmville tropic escape. Because if you don’t you will quickly fall behind. You need to be made aware that some plants can take a huge amount of time to grow, instead of fiddling with your fingers why not check out some of the other features of the game. You can invest in getting hold of more great buildings or even trying to get the local wildlife to get some fish for you. There are dozens of thing you can do on farmville tropic escape so get out there and start playing.

Farmville – Farming without the hassle.

Farming on a mobile device is simple, you grow stuff, tinker, build buildings etc and just reap the spoils. There is not any hard work that comes into place here as it’s on a mobile device. Technically you can have your farm running 24/7 if you time it correctly. Farmville tropic escape is similar to older touch checkerboard games, I believe Zynga were the first ones to create this on a mass scale. However this was solely on Facebook, they have since moved to mobile devices and thus of course increasing revenue.

This game is highly addictive and will have you coming back for more. The only problem with time based games is that you will want to purchase premium items to speed things up. This will involve you spending your hard earned cash. We don’t agree with wasting cash on games unless that cash is expendable hence why we have released our farmville tropic escape cheat tool, at the bottom of this page. We don’t expect you to pay for gems or coins again after using it.

Keep Busy!

We cannot express enough how important it is when using our farmville tropic escape cheats, to keep extremely busy! Don’t slack off, we have stated a few times in this article that if you do slack you will soon fall far behind. Everything you do on farmville tropic escape comes in the form of a countdown timer, when the timer expires you will obtain your reward. Weather this is cash, coins or resources. This make it quite important for you to make sure your buildings, plants and helpers are all busy doing something, anything will do. Be aware that you have a storage area so don’t be afraid to stock pile them resources.


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Already Played Farmvlle? Then Try Our Advanced Farmville Tropic Escape Cheats

Is it a bit cramped, or Perhaps You’re Running out of space?

Let’s face it one of the many problems these free to play games have is the space they give you. You always start with a set allotted piece of land and in order to increase you have to pay real cash hence the term “pay to play”. But don’t go getting that wallet out just yet. There is other way and that is by working hard. You will want to focus on so called “guest orders”. These may have been something you have all ready touched on or may not be aware of. Farmville: Tropic Escape is split between two variations, guest orders and quests. It’s a bit different than what we are used to be we need to learn to adapt and make sure we follow suite.

“Guest order” are basically additional quests, they are entirely optional. But that doesn’t mean that you should not do them. You will be asked obtain certain items every so often now this is where we are sharing our Farmville tropic escape cheats with you because it would be in your best interest to get your guests to do it for you. They will do the tasks at a minimal cost to you, giving you the time to do something more important. It’s pretty much a win, win situation. This is the best way you can use up your extra stockpile which will result in a huge profit boost.

You need to aware not to go to hard on those guest orders they are important but your quests should take higher priority. Sometimes you just need to swap back and forth from time to time, in order to get the best overall outcome. The main reason your going to want to complete your main quests is because you receive special rewards. That’s the only reason why you would complete any of the quests. We do hope these Farmvile tropic escape tips and tricks do help reduce those tedious missions for you.

Dailies, Dailies, Dailies!

What make Farmville: Tropic Escape so successful is that incorporates a daily style of game player, which requires you to login everyday. This game really has them in abundance. Some of these dailies are quite difficult to complete, but it really is worth the effort. Some of the rewards you will receive for doing these will be quite impressive.

Prioritize Gem Spending

Right, there is no way to avoid premium currencies. On Farmville Tropic escape this comes in the form of “gems”. They are expensive to buy and to come across them for free is a daunting task at times. Because of this you really need to prioritize and spend them correctly, you will not want to waste them on something silly. You may want to check out our Farmville Tropic escape cheat tool as this may be a solution to your gem problems. You will want to save your gems for important task that may otherwise take a long time for you to complete. We prefer to spend our gems on increasing the size of the board. In most cases you will want to save your valuable gems to speed up the making of your buildings.


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Do not forget these Farmville tropic escape cheats and tips

It’s not just about food!

There is way more stuff to do than just growing crops. You will need to make sure that your sending your guests out as much and often as you can. They will even go snorkeling, among other fun activities they can do. When they’re venturing off they will bring back some nice little goodies for you in return. You will want to watch out for the elusive crabs whilst out on the coral reef there quite hard to aquire. So it’s vital you have your guests out exploring just in case.

It Really is A Traders Paradise

This may be something you not all to familiar with but there is a trade boat on Farmville Tropic Escape. The benefit of this boat is that it allows you to buy and trade your stock.So if your doing quite well you might want to buy some more stock that is harder to farm, so you can save it for a later date. If you have tons of junk, then this is a great time to sell it all.

Don’t Forget About Achievements

Achievements are becoming ever so popular on mobile games now. Some will give you a gamer score where as others give you awesome rewards. This is something your going to focus on. Just be aware that achievements are quite hard to achieve and not to mention long winded. Don’t expect to be able to complete all achievements in one night.


Here at legion cheats we aim to provide the games community an easily accessible cheats site. This is where the idea of legion cheats came from. We aim to provide you the general public game cheats for a range of devices and consoles. Sometimes we do miss some key cheats as we don’t have them to hand at the time and thus will update these page from time to time. We hope you can use our farmville tropic escape cheats and if there are any cheats you feel we have missed out then please do get in touch with us.

You can get hold of our latest working Farmville Tropic Escape Cheat tool for both android and IOS devices today. Our cheat tool will work on your desktop machine too it is not just for mobile devices. You just need to ensure that your mobile device is connected to the desktop PC running the tool. Enjoy More Gems and coins on Farmville Tropic Escape.


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farmville tropic escape cheats


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