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As part of our big November push we have been adding a ton of game cheats to our site. Today is no exception, we are now sharing with you our cookie jam cheats for android and ios. This game has already been out for well over a year, but has proven to be quite successful. It may not be as big candy crush, but it does make a refreshing change.

I would be quite surprised if you have not heard of cookie jam before, due to it being out for so long. But as we all know this can happen from time to time and some games just go completely under the radar. If your one of these people that sadly has not played cookie jam before you can actually download it right now from the google play store or the apple app store. Go download it now, play it for a while and if you like it and want to get hold of free lives, plus many more cool features like unlimited coins then come back and read the rest of this article.


For the Gamers – Check out our Cookie Jam Cheats


Cookie Jam Cheats for android and ios devices


So if you have already played cookie jam for some time now and are still struggling, well we may have the solution to your problem. This next section are all hard coded cheats that you do not need to install any software for them to work. We always share simple cheat codes with our fans, with the option of them moving onto something a bit more powerful. If you want a cheat tool then we do have as usual a working cookie jam cheat tool at the bottom of this page. But we ask you to read through our cheats first and only use the cookie jam cheats tool for android and ios as a last resort as it will give you unlimited coins and unlimited lives.

The Oldest Trick in the Book – Time Traveling “Change the device time” Free lives

Ok this is not the most hard to find cookie jam cheat on the market, but it’s probably one of the best. The only issue is that you have to keep changing the time, oh and not to mention if you do revert back to the original time, well then you might be waiting a long time for some lives. But for those wanting to storm through the game and not worry about their lives count, this may be the solution to your problems.  Let’s face it we all don’t want to spend a dime on in game currency, thing is lives cost real cash. Hence why you should change the time on your device. Look at it this way it’s like making money, your saving the cash you would have spent, win win.

In order to change your time correctly and obtain your free lives. First open Cookie jam find out how much time you need in order to refresh your lives. Quit cookie jam and head into your devices settings, now edit the time. Fast forward a few hours if you want. Now open cookie jam and see if you have those lives restored. Quit the game again and put the time back to normal. Now you should have the correct time and the free lives you were hoping for. It may be a pain to keep doing hence why we have added our Cookie jam cheat tool at the bottom of the page.

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Work your way from the ground up

It’s not rocket science, all puzzle games of this type follow the same rule. There really is no point working from the top unless there huge combos to collect. The reason why we work bottom up is because it gives us more pieces to work with. So always aim to match the pieces at the bottom of the board first, sometimes you get lucky and when the pieces fall they automatically fall into place, sometimes you can even clear half the board doing this.


3 Stars – Go Strong or Go Home

Some levels are hella hard and will take you a long time to obtain a 3 star rating. But that does not mean that you should not work your but off to obtain that elusive 3 star rating. The more you get the more rewards you will receive. This may not be an obvious cookie jam cheat, but it’s more of a cookie jam tip. Your main focus is trying to complete he game in the least amount of moves possible, this is your best chance at obtaining a 3 star rating.

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Crushing them Waffle Pieces Without Using Power Up’s

Oh noes a waffle piece, hold on we all like waffles right so what you scared of bro? You do not have to use power ups to get rid of them, even though at times they can be difficult to get rid of. You need to match 3 or more cookie pieces around them to crush them waffles. So your really going to want to prioritize your cookies and make sure you can get them as early as possible. More importantly the color has to match the ingredient that is encased in the waffle pieces. So good luck with that.


Those Pesky Gingerbread Men and how to get rid

There is only one way to get rid of these stubborn little men. You will need to create a vertical row of cookies in order for you to break them down. But if that wasn’t difficult enough, you will also need to make sure that the matched row is on the same row as the gingerbread men. If you are a player of Candy Crush Saga then these are going to be all too common for you, the same rules pretty much apply here. Cookie Jam Cheats really do help you get rid of these gingerbread men.


cookie jam cheat tool for android and ios devices


Get To Know Your Power Ups

On cookie jam there is quire alot of power ups that you will be using from time to time. Some powerups unlock when you complete certain stages, these are the ones your going to want to look out for. You need to be aware that each power up you learn the first time you us it, it will be free. From then on your going to need to spend coins to unlock them again, as we know coins cost real cash so obtaining free coins is a must. Here is a few power ups you will see:

  • The Oven Mitt – Allows swapping two non matching cookies
  • The Pipping Bag – Clears whole Vertical rows
  • Rolling pin – Clears Whole horizontal rows
  • The Wooden Spoon – Clears one cookie
  • +5 Booster – Grants you 5 extra moves at the star
  • Whipped Cream – Smashes five cookies that are near each other
  • Gobstopper – Get rid of all cookies of that color

You will want to see which power up would be most vital for you on each stage. This is quite important to be successful when using our cookie jam cheats. It is not wise to just waste them all, as I mentioned before these power ups cost coins. The only way to obtain coins is use our cookie jam cheat tool or pay real cash for them, we know what we prefer to do.



That’s it for our Cookie Jam Cheats


cookie jam tips and tricks


We do hope you have enjoyed our selection of cheats for cookie jam. If these were any help at all to you, then we would love to know. We aim to bring you the best game cheats on the market and do hope that we have hit the nail on the head with this one. We are constantly uploading new game cheats to our site, so please remember to come back from time to time.






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