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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Cheats for Android and IOS


cheats for Apollo Justice Ace Attorney


Hey guys, we were so excited about the release of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on android and ios devices that we couldn’t wait to share this article. We have only just got hold of the game and are currently playing it through. What can we say, the looks and feel of the game are spot on and we are thoroughly enjoying it. Over the next couple of days we will be adding game cheats to this page to help you guys out with some of the cases! We hope you enjoy our Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Cheats.


Apollo Justice Returns on Android and IOS


Apollo Justice Ace Attorney cheats for android and ios


Capcom confirmed that Apollo Justice: Ace attorney would be released in the first quarter of December. You can buy it on Itunes app store now and it should be available pretty soon on android devices (Japanese version is here). There is an option to buy episodes or the whole series, if you have never played Apollo Justice, then it maybe wise to just buy 1 episode for $0.99 so you can try out the game first.

But if your a die hard fan and after the 4th installment of the Apollo justice game series, then we recommend you get all episodes. We have played through a few so far and found it to be quite enjoyable and really good fun. It plays so well on the iPhone so we expect the port to android to be just as good. The graphics are crisp and stunning, well worth the price for any die hard fan.


Ace Attorney is not new to mobile gaming


Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Cheats


Lets roll back to 2013, this was the firs time we saw Ace Attorney on the IOS it was part of a trilogy and it hit the app stores hard. Proving to be quite popular they have since released more games for android and IOS to keep up with the thirst for the game.

Apollo Justice was Originally released in 2007 in Japan and then later on it appeared in 2008 in the west. This was the first time they decided to offer players a spin off that’s main focus was around someone other than Phoenix Wright. If you a big fan of the series you will have come across other spin off to. It is hugely popular worldwide.

What gamers need to be aware of if they have played the Phoenix Wright games, is that Apollo Justice is different because it features a different main character. The games are similar yes, so if you love one then you will love the other just as much.

Due to the hype around the latest game we thought it would be perfect to create some Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney cheats for you all to enjoy. So please read on and find out how you too can play the game just like the pros do.

The Techie bit – Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Specs

For those more interested in tech and new features of the game please see the listing below:

Features of the game:

  • Fresh new approach and High Resolution Graphics – Making the game look much better.
  • Brand new touch screen system
  • Mini games – This is a big plus. These mini games allow players to find hidden clues, so much fun.
  • Two versions of Game play – Investigation and Interview modes.
  • You now have the option to change in game FPS – choose between 30 – 60 fps Great for tv play.
  • Band new characters to see – we won’t spoil it for you

Recommended Specs:

Android Users will require OS 4.2 or higher with at least 2gb of ram. A key not to point out that only devices with ARM NEON technology are supported.

Where as Apple users will need iPhone 5, iPod Touch (6th Gen), iPad(4t Gen), iPad Air, iPad mini2 or anything higher to play the game. You will need iOS7.0+

To be quite honest most devices will run this game, but the only restriction is the note with android devices. If your device does not run Apollo Justice Ace Attorney then it might be time for an upgrade. Now lets get on with these Apollo Justice Game cheats!


Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Basic Cheats


Due to the progress of the game we are currently working on some new cheats and this age will be updated shortly. Please come back at a later date!



More Advanced Cheats for Ace Attorney


Apollo Justice Ace Attorney cheat tool


We currently do not have any advance cheats for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. This is because the game is still quite new and we are still playing through. We will update you with any new cheats we find in the near future.

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Cheat tool for Apollo Justice Ace Attorney


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